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Why I am NOT a Mompreneur

Someone interviewing me for an article once referred to me as a "Mompreneur." I politely but emphatically corrected her that I could be referred to as a businesswoman, a CEO, or an entrepreneur, but, decidedly NOT as a "Mompreneur." At the time I was running a fast-growing 7-figure company that I myself founded.

I suspect that there are women business owners who not only don't MIND this term, but who embrace it, since it encompasses the unique challenges they face as a parent juggling the demands of business life with the raising of their children. And that is wonderful if that is their perspective.

Personally, when I see the term "Mompreneur"used to refer to a female business person, I find that it dilutes the focus on their being a business woman. I do not see successful male entrepreneurs being referred to as Dadpreneurs, even when men develop products and companies based on their experiences as fathers. People somehow intuitively assume that men can balance their roles as both fathers and businessmen, and don't feel the need to wrap both together in their title. For example the company Nanobebe was founded by two dads seeking a solution to easily feed their breastfed babies from a bottle. They are referred to in the press as Engineers, innovators, or design award-winners, but never as Dadpreneurs.

To be clear, I am an incredibly proud mother of four wonderful children, and could speak about each of them for hours to anyone interested :). I could also write volumes on strategies for balancing being a hands-on mom while also devoting time, energy, and passion to one's business. But when I'm discussing business with someone - strategy, product line, growth, goals, I'I want them to zero in on just that, and not the other roles I play in my life.

I love speaking to and meeting with other women starting businesses and providing guidance, mentorship, and tips on balancing the unique challenges of female entrepreneurs. So if this is you, please reach out...just don't call me a "Mompreneur." :)

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nick smith
nick smith
Dec 19, 2023

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Nov 21, 2021

great post - could not agree more!

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