Feb 17th 2010

Milk Nursingwear

Shop for Milk Nursingwear at a boutique near you!

Many of you have asked us if you can shop for Milk Nursingwear locally in a store near you. The answer is YES - you can shop our fashionable nursing tops, nursing dresses, and nursing sleepwear in person at a growing list of retailers around the country!

New stores are being added each month. Currently Milk Nursingwear is available at boutiques around the US including locations in the following states:

New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Califoria, Kentucky, and Montana.

Wordwide our nursingwear is available in stores in England and Austrailia.

If you are looking for a store in a specific location please email us and we will send you the information! If there is a store near you that you would like us to contact about offering our nursingwear, please email us about that as well.