Sip and See

Sep 12th 2019

Milk Nursingwear

Sip and See

If y'all aren't familiar with a sip and see party, it's roots are in the South. Unlike a shower, a Sip and See happens after baby is born. It's a more casual, open house affair allowing loved ones the chance to drop by to "sip" (on sweet tea, coffee, or something stronger if you choose) and "see" your precious new member of the family. 

No games or special planning is required for this type of event as baby provides all the entertainment needed. Typically thrown two to eight weeks after baby comes home, this is usually a family affair with men and children welcome to join in. 

Keep the menu simple - lite snacks or just desserts. Again everyone is here for one thing - baby. Oh and to check in on you as well! 

This is not about gifts so no need to mention your registry on the invite. It's likely that some guests will want to bring something special so if they ask be honest and let them know what may make life easier at the moment. Suggestions include gift cards to your favorite restaurants, diapers and wipes, or even a nursing top from Milk Nursingwear to make outings with your nursling so much easier. 

We love the idea of a Sip and See because you cover everyone in one fell swoop. It's a lot to have guests dropping by randomly to see the new love of your life. This way, in one lovely afternoon, everyone has had a chance to ooh and ahh, give you a quick hug and head on out. It will tide them over until you're ready to start making visits outside your home. 

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