Jun 28th 2012

Milk Nursingwear

Traveling? Take nursing travel tips along for the ride

July 4th is imminent, and we expect that your anxieties may be flying high as you anticipate traveling with your little one. We have compiled a list of helpful travel tips from fellow mamas that can make nursing en route a smooth ride.

*Where to sit on the plane? It’s a mama’s instinct to sit on the aisle seat for easy access to the walkway, but there is more room to nurse in the window seat - - and more privacy!

*Want extra privacy? Bring along a nursing cover, if it will make you more comfortable in those tight quarters.

*Wear your baby for boarding and deplaning. By using a baby sling or Maya wrap, you’ll free up both of your hands for carry-ons or your older child.

*Don’t forget to multiply the diapers! Take one diaper for every hour of travel. There is no such thing as too many.

*Thirsty? Bring an empty water bottle with you, and ask a restaurant on the other side of security to fill it for you. Traveling and the summer heat can be dehydrating, and you will need to replenish your liquids between feedings.

*Nurse upon takeoff and landing to ease the change in cabin pressure for your nursling.

*Germs? We all know how germ-infested an airplane can be. Be sure to pack your favorite sanitizing hand wipes or gel to cleanse along the way.

*Dress for the occasion! Wear a nursing top or nursing dress to make your trip easier. Access is key. Oh – and don’t forget an extra outfit (or two) for yourself and baby.

All of us at Milk want to be the first to wish you a Happy 4th of July and safe travels! Enjoy your time away, and please share any additional travel tips you have by visiting us on Facebook.