What Should You Do With Your Old Maternity Clothes?

October 30th, 2014


Congratulations – baby is finally here!  Now it’s time to decide what to do with all your maternity attire.  Every mother has her own feelings and attachments to her maternity clothing.  Some can’t wait to get rid of them while others are a bit more sentimental. Either way, now is the time to release these items and claim back some of your closet space!

- Save and Store stackable-storage-bins

If you think you may have more children, keeping most of your maternity wear is ideal.  But, before putting all those clothes in storage, make an effort to sort through them.  Only keep the clothes you know you will definitely wear again.  Once you are ready, make sure you have quality storage bins so critters and dust cannot get to them.  Mark the boxes clearly so they are easy to locate when you need them again.

- Sell or Swap 

If you are done having children, selling or swapping your maternity clothing is a valuable option.  There are various opportunities for selling your clothes – local consignment stores, garage sales, and online websites such as eBay and Craigslist.

You can also choose to swap your clothing for more useful items on sites like Swapmamas and Tradesy. Make sure to thoroughly go through the clothes you plan to sell and only pull the ones that are in good condition – no one wants your old stretched out or stained maternity top.download (2)

- Donate or Share

Donating your old maternity wear is easy and tax deductible. You can always drop your items at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, but you should also consider donating to a local woman’s shelter where they can be put to good use immediately.

Sharing with friends has its advantages too.  Most will be happy to borrow your gently used attire, and it’s fun to see your friends wearing your maternity clothes.  Be sure to only loan out those items that you don’t care how they come back.  Accidents happen and there should be no expectations on how the items are returned to you.

- Toss or Re-purpose

Whichever option you choose, if there is anything that is ripped, stained, or in any other way damaged, then it’s time to say goodbye and toss it.  Strangers, friends and even non-profit organizations are not interested in these items.

If you are crafty, then you can upcycle all your old maternity tops and dresses.  Here are two great projects:

- Turning a top into a dress and diaper cover for your little one download (1)

- Turning old maternity tees into bracelets download

Of course all of this cleaning and organization will leave more room for your nursingwear wardrobe.  Visit Milk Nursingwear to meet all your nursingwear needs with our stylish nursing tops and dresses.

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Creative Costumes for Kids

October 23rd, 2014

At Milk Nursingwear we love to celebrate!

Halloween will be here before we know it, so we wanted to share the costumes that we find most creative for kids. Some of these are great for baby’s first Halloween,  while others are geared more for those already on the run.  We hope these cute little ones help to inspire your costume creations this fall.







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Milk Nursingwear Features Guest Blogger Jessica Sanders

October 16th, 2014

Toddler Maniajessica 1

My little girl is officially a toddler.   The days of easily caring for a sleepy newborn I could wear while I work are over.  Like watching a butterfly transform through metamorphosis, she has come out of her cocoon.  Instead of being a lofty butterfly, she is now my tiny tornado — my pint-sized wrecking ball, able to destroy my house in a single hour.   I feel this new chapter is the most challenging and rewarding part of our journey.

My babe has been breastfeeding since birth and stopped taking a bottle at 3 months old.  I have the luxury of running my business from home.  The first year was amazingly easy for us.  Well, that’s the way I remember it now.  I loved the days of wrapping her up and nursing her while I worked.  I was as efficient as the Hindu Goddess Durga (eighteen arms and all).

These days things are a little more complicated.  My business is growing rapidly and requires my focus to make it successful.  At a moments notice, I could turn around and find her perched on the top of her table toy or sitting on my bookshelf reading books.  Staying on task when you have a very mobile, climbing toddler feels like my largest challenge as a parent to date.  Taking conference calls while she is running, climbing, and practicing her pterodactyl screech requires its own special set of skills.  The one fail-safe I have is to let her nurse while she plays.  She will stand between my legs and pull on my blouse while releasing a rapid squeal to let me know my lactation superpowers are needed.  I can’t stop every time these days to have a cuddle nursing session. Jessica 2 Instead, I let her nurse standing right there between my legs.  I feel like a drive through.  Many times I’m typing or on a conference call, and my daughter is latched on with a toy in her hand.  After a few minutes, she’s back off and running to play with the stuffed animals in her play tent.  She has blossomed into such a funny little person; a complete ham!

I am savoring this stage in our journey, and I can’t wait to see where we are headed next.  I’m the only woman in my family to nurse past a year in over three generations.  I love the way it has taught me to mother my daughter.  I can’t see our journey ending anytime soon.

Jessica Sanders is the founder of 1000callsaday.com and a regular blogger at wholemotheringcenter.org.  She is featured here in Milk Nursingwear’s Smocked Sleeveless Sundress in spring green.

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Milk Nursingwear October Style Guide

October 9th, 2014

As the weather turns cooler, keep looking fashion-forward in Milk Nursingwear’s new fall styles.

Milk’s Cowl neck nursing top in three-quarter sleeves is a fabulous option this time of year. To nurse in this stylish nursing top, simply pull the cowl neck down for nursing access on either side. Dress it up for work with a black, pencil skirt and black-accented jewelry, then add a beautiful leather tote and ankle strap, suede stilettos. This look will take you from day to night with ease.l

Our Fashionable keyhole nursing top in deep purple is an excellent every day nursing top. Nursing openings are accessed by lifting the empire top. Pair it with these slim-fit cargo pants and some eclectic jewlrey for a fun look while keeping warm. This stylish diaper bag can handle all your baby needs.l (1)


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Milk Nursingwear Poll Results

October 6th, 2014

We asked you…

How do you feel about the government stepping in to protect your right to breastfeed your baby in public?


 83% of you responded:  

Yes! We should be able to feed anywhere, any time and any way we choose.

12% of you responded:  

Yes, but each establishment should have the right to ask the mother to cover up in some way.

4% of you responded:

No, the government should not get involved.


Thank you for your feedback!

Remember, Milk Nursingwear’s stylish nursing tops feature hidden openings that help you to nurse discreetly and conveniently wherever you are. This helps you feel more confident breastfeeding when you are out and about and enables you to enjoy being out in the world with your nursling. 

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$10 off at Milk Nursingwear

October 2nd, 2014

As a BIG THANK YOU for subscribing to our blog, we would like to offer a special coupon code…just for you!


Enjoy $10 OFF your next purchase of stylish nursing tops and nursing dresses at Milk Nursingwear.

Use coupon code: FRESHMILK

 Only available on purchases placed 10/2/14-10/5/14.






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A Breastfeeding Story

September 25th, 2014

Milk Nursingwear customer, Karey, shared her breastfeeding story with us, and we are excited to feature it here on our Freshmilk blog! We are interested in publishing other customer breastfeeding stories — so if you have one to share, please contact us at customercare@milknursingwear.com.


Karey works full time as a pharmacist and is mom to both Kaitlyn and Kayleigh.  She has been married 8 years and says, “My kids are my life. I love them more than anything.”

This busy mom also runs her own personal Etsy business – “Kaitybug’s Kreations” and is an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. She’s originally from Pennsylvania, but has hopped around the country and is currently in the middle of a move to Texas.


karey foote pic 1

Images by: EGM Photography
Here is Karey’s story:

I knew before I even had kids that I wanted to breastfeed.  My mother breastfed all her children so it was a tradition I wanted to continue. It was very important for me to try, but I had friends that it didn’t work for so I went into it with an open mind. My goal was to give my baby what is best: breast milk.  I would achieve that by either nursing or pumping.

In 2010, our first daughter, Kaitlyn, was born. Everything seemed fine until her first doctor’s appointment 2 days after we had gone home – when we discovered she had jaundice.  In the meantime, we were having some challenges with breastfeeding as we couldn’t get the latch down.  Since I wanted to provide Kaitlyn with the best nutrition possible, I gave up and switched to pumping so she could get my milk to help bring her jaundice down. Her health was more important than my desire to nurse, so as long as she got breast milk that was all that mattered to me. For the next 10 months, I lugged my pump and equipment everywhere I went — until I stopped producing.

With my second baby I was even more determined to get this nursing thing down pat.  At the start of 2014, I gave birth to our second daughter, Kayleigh.  From the minute she was born she was an awesome nurser.  We were more cautious this time and had the doctors check her for jaundice while still in the hospital.  Once the jaundice kicked in, even the lactation consultant couldn’t wake her to nurse. So I resorted again to pumping which I didn’t mind because I knew she was getting the good stuff.karey foote pic 2

Wow did I ever produce this time! I had stock piles of milk in the fridge and freezer from the get go! Then a funny thing happened. While holding my baby girl at 8 weeks I noticed her rooting, so I said “Fine you want the boob? I’ll give you the boob!”  Kayleigh latched right on and went to town.  She nursed like she had been doing it since birth! I had to struggle with fast let down choking her and had to pump after she nursed since I had so much milk —  but I didn’t care — we were NURSING!

During this time, I stored so much milk that I was able to donate several months worth to my cousin, who couldn’t produce her own breast milk.  Her little girl, born just 6 days after Kayleigh, tried every formula available and medications but cried all the time.  Once she was given my breast milk, she became a happy baby with no more reflux.

I couldn’t believe it — I was feeding two babies with my milk!!! 9 months later, I still have a champ nurser, and I’m still storing milk. I love nursing and happily give her the breast when she wants it.

Now that I can breastfeed, I wear Milk Nursingwear as your nursing tops make it easy to nurse discreetly anywhere.


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New Fall Nursingwear Styles Have Arrived at Milk

September 18th, 2014

Pretty soon the leaves will be turning colors – why shouldn’t you?


Milk has just introduced our 2014 line of stylish Fall nursing tops and nursing dresses.

Our new looks include trendy details such as:

  • Color BlockingT4004-main wine
  • Split SleevesD4009 main
  • Faux Leather TrimT4006A  main

It’s not too soon to start building your fall nursing wardrobe.  Shop our entire line at Milk Nursingwear today!

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Protecting your Right to Breastfeed

September 11th, 2014

1843_1-83social (1)

We all know that it is natural for females to breastfeed their young.  So why is this so controversial?  Some states have already taken a stand.  Here are the numbers:

  • 46 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have laws that specifically protect a women’s right to breastfeed in any public or private location.
  • 29 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands exempt breastfeeding from public indecency laws.
  • 25 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have laws related to breastfeeding in the workplace.
  • 16 states and Puerto Rico exempt breastfeeding mothers from jury duty or allow jury service to be postponed.
  • 5 states and Puerto Rico have implemented or encouraged the development of a breastfeeding awareness education campaign.

 Source: NCSL.org

Let us know how you feel about the government stepping in to protect your right to breastfeed your baby in public.

Do you think that states should pass laws protecting the rights of women to breastfeed in public areas?
Yes! We should be able to feed anywhere, any time and any way we choose.
Yes, but each establishment should have the right to ask the mother to cover up in some way 
No, the government shouldn’t get involved.

Poll Maker

Milk Nursingwear’s stylish nursing tops and dresses feature hidden openings that help you to nurse discreetly and conveniently wherever you are. This helps you feel more confident breastfeeding when you are out and about and enables you to enjoy being out in the world with your nursling.

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Milk Nursingwear September Style Guide

September 4th, 2014


 Goodbye Summer…Hello Fall

sept fashioncorner 1Summer is coming to an close, but that doesn’t mean an end to the warm temperatures just yet – check out our Cowl Neck nursing top in red. This classic nursing top is the perfect way to dress up your lean, cropped jeans.  Add metallic wedge thongs, a gold bracelet watch, and some aviators for a polished look.

sept fashioncorner 2Our Side-shirred nursing top in black is a must-have basic for your nursing wardrobe. Pair this long sleeve nursing top with cuffed, khaki shorts, some swing earrings, and a two-toned crochet/straw bag for a casual yet pulled together look.





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